Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The great question

So, everyone keeps asking me when the babies are going to arrive. I wish I had an answer, but one thing I have DEFINITELY learned during this pregnancy is that you can't plan for anything. Okay, well, you can plan, but you better have a plan B, C, D, E, F and G.

So, I am going to turn the question back on you - when do YOU think the babies will come? We're placing bets now... Here is some information to level the playing field:

- My official 40 week due date is December 10.
- Most twins come early and most doctors want twins delivered by 38 weeks (November 26). My doctor suggested inducing if they don't come by Thanksgiving.
- My last appointment was last Wednesday. I was one day shy of 36 weeks, 80% effaced and 1 cm dilated.
- I am a Leo, my husband is a Pisces and the girls will be Scorpios if delivered before November 21, Sagittarius if delivered on or after... (only relevant to those who are a little kooky, like my mom, sister and me).

Place your bets now! Don't forget to include the day and two times (Baby A and Baby B)...


  1. Times Already taken:
    Margie: November 23rd at 10:50pm (first baby)
    Trish: November 22 at 2:56pm & 2:59pm
    Jim: November 25 at 4:15 AM & 4:20 AM
    Mike: Thanksgiving morning
    Kathleen Cribb: November 22
    Carol Brown: November 21 about 7:30 pm

  2. November 20th 6:03pm & 6:10 =)

  3. I predict Nov 27th: Baby A 6:15pm, Baby B 6:45pm.

  4. My money's on December 2nd or December 3rd (in conjunction with the full moon). That is, if you aren't induced first!

    Baby A: 3:40am
    Baby B: 3:45am

  5. Dec. 2 8:30pm and 8:39pm. Just a guess!