Monday, May 10, 2010

Mama Blessed

What's better than being a mama? Being appreciated for being a mama!!! We celebrated my first mother's day yesterday and I received the best presents!
1. Abby slept through the night for the first time!!!
2. Damon gave me some beautiful flowers and a gift certificate for a spa day! Heavenly bliss - here I come!
3. My sister wrote me a note which hugged my heart. She said it was okay to share, so here it goes:
"So many changes in the last 365 days! This year I have watched you transform from a Free Bird to a Sick Pup, a Social Butterfly, a Busy Busy Bee, a Hungry Hungry Hippo, a Leaky Cow... and now, best of all, into a Mother Goose and when necessary, a Mama Lion. Throughout all the morphing, you never complained, regretted, rejected responsibility or requested something different. You embraced it all and lived in every moment 100%. You took all of the classes, questioned all the classes; read all the books, questioned all the books. You even stuck to your guns about surviving the labor drug-free and 100% focused. You are truly an amazing mother just like I knew you'd be. That is why God gave you two. "