Friday, December 4, 2009

Like mama, like babies

Remember how I said that these little girls must have more manners than their mama? Well, I take that back. They are spirited, willful little ones who are making sure they let me know from the get-go who is in control. No matter what I do to try to trigger labor, they hold fast, saying "No thanks... we'll let you know when we're ready."

We've tried everything: drinking red raspberry leaf tea, eating spicy foods, walking, walking, walking, doing that thing that got us here in the first place... and nothing. Except I do feel tiny little jumps in my belly that I am beginning to think are little giggles and not hiccups. Our latest attempt is reverse psychology. We told them that we don't want them to come out anymore. Just go ahead and stay in their forever. Daddy and I will sell all your clothes and toys and take a vacation. I think they are calling our bluff...


  1. Maybe it just means that they will be laid back and not always in a rush and need everything RIGHT NOW! That would be a good thing to have...especially with 2 :) I could go anyday now too except I'm only having 1 (my 4th but I only had them one at a time). Best of luck to you.

  2. Why jump into the world when it's so nice and cozy, where they are? Plus there's room service!