Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Waiting Game

One thing I have learned about pregnancy from both my own experience and the dozens of my friends that are either pregnant or have recently had a child, is that there is a lot of waiting during a pregnancy. Waiting for the plus sign, waiting for the first doctor's appointment, waiting to feel movement, waiting to give birth, waiting to have another drink...

While I am enjoying (almost) every minute of being pregnant, I feel as though we are doing a lot of waiting. Right now, everything feels like it's on hold until we find out the sexes of the babies. Our 3D ultrasound is scheduled for next Tuesday, so it's not too much longer, but I wanna know now! :)

Daddy and I have a strong feeling about what we are going to have, but we can't wait to know for sure! Any guesses?

Tomorrow we'll be 20 weeks along, so here's a belly pic to celebrate. The picture was taken last week and I swear it's grown an inch or so since. I'll start measuring...


  1. I think it will be two girls. That's just my guess. Ali Z.

  2. "jenny chick" - i stumbled across your blog in a google search for 'pregnant with twins and camping'.

    i, too, am a first time baby mama with unexpected twins expected. i've browsed your blog and it is so wonderful to not feel so "alone" in this incredibly beautiful and terrifying journey!

    you are a great writer, thank you for sharing your journey with the blogosphere.


  3. Your belly is sooooo damn cute! I think it's going to be 2 boys! You seem like you would be an awesome boy mommy to me. : )