Sunday, May 31, 2009

Talking double

I love telling people that I'm having twins. Since we didn't announce our pregnancy before we found out we were having double the pleasure, double the fun, I break our news to friends, coworkers, neighbors by showing them our ultrasound. They instantly recognize what it is and belt out their congrats. Then they take a closer look at it and a puzzled look crosses over their face. Most people then stare wide eyed at me and slowly ask, "Twins?"

My next door neighbor and new Mama was too cute. She looked at the ultrasound and then asked, "Wait, which one am I looking at?" "Both," I told her and she screamed.

Then I get either complete excitement or pity. Most people are genuinely happy for us and see having twins as a "double blessing". But some almost look disgusted at the thought of taking care of two babies at one time. "Better you than me," they say and I just agree.

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  1. You are adorable. Yes, I'm late catching up on your blogs. Oops!