Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Here I grow!

Tomorrow I will be 11 weeks along in my pregnancy, but don't tell my belly that. The bump is definitely starting to grow. My mom keeps reminding me that she didn't start showing until she was 4 months along, and I keep reminding her that I am NOT in my early twenties and I am growing TWO little ones, hence I must eat three fudgesicles a night. One for each of us. Hey - its only fair.

I've been having a difficult time for the past couple of weeks buttoning my pants and feel guilty about squishing my babies. When I'm sitting at my desk, I pop those babies open and breath a sigh of relief. The other day our company's Corporate Compliance Officer came in my office looking for marketing materials and I told him that he could find them on the shelf outside my office. He couldn't find them and I said, "Seriously, are you going to make me get up and button my pants?" He laughed. I love the people I work with.

So I had lunch with a friend yesterday who is about 7 months pregnant and she gave me one of the greatest gifts she could right now... two bella bands! They are really awesome. For those not in the know, a bella band is a stretchy band of spandex material that you put around your waist and wear under your shirt, but over your pants. It looks just like the bottom of a tank top, but here's what's so awesome: I don't have to button my pants!!! No, really! I can wear my pants unbuttoned all day long and with the bella band over top, no one will ever know! Al Bundy, eat your heart out!

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  1. I was actually going to suggest a bella band. I've hard that are THE SHIZ for those who are in the beginning/in between stage! You are so cute. I love the blog!