Thursday, April 2, 2009

Hurry up and wait...

So, I'm pregnant. It's my first pregnancy and while I've skimmed the pages of "What to expect when you're expecting", I have no idea what I need to do. I call my OBGYN to make an appointment and they say they can't schedule me until I'm 8-10 weeks... I'm 2, well, actually 4 because they start counting from the first day of your last period, not your date of conception... who knew? So, I won't see my OBGYN until May 7...

But I have so many questions!!! Is my iron level high enough? Am I getting enough protein? Do I need to change to all natural face lotions? Are the pre-natal vitamins I'm taking good enough? Am I healthy? AM I EVEN PREGNANT?

I chat with my mom and she suggests that I make an appointment with my GP to get a blood test and get my questions answered. I do that. What would I ever do without my mom?

In the meantime, I want to tell EVERYONE! I walk into work and have to bite my tongue each time I run into someone. It's swollen and I'm tasting blood by the time I reach my office. I shut my door and take a deep breath.

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