Saturday, June 27, 2009

Toxic Shock

I went to Barnes and Noble a few weeks ago to check out some baby books and ended up buying "The Complete Organic Pregnancy". I had flipped through some of the pages at the store and had a feeling I was getting into something intense, so on my way home, I stopped by the nail salon. I had glanced over the part about toxins in nail polish, so I wanted to make sure my feet were pedicured one last time before I really got into it. Hey... it's sandal season! I gots to make sure my toes are pretty!!!

As I read deeper into the book, I started to get more and more horrified. I looked around my house and all I saw were toxins - toxins seeping out from the carpet. Toxins floating in the stagnant air. Toxins penetrating into my skin from all of the chemicals I willingly apply each and every day. Toxins oozing from a plastic cup into the water I was drinking. Toxins engrossing the food that I eat - pesticides in the vegetables, growth hormones in the meat. I wanted to scrub myself in the shower, but what about the chemicals I use to clean my tub? What about the chemicals in my soap and shampoo? It was useless. I felt overwhelmed and beaten.

So I grabbed up my canvas bags and hightailed to Whole Foods. Over $250 later, I emerged feeling a little cleaner and a little more hopeful. My organic milk may not taste as good as regular milk, my organic cleaners may not get all the grime off the counter, my organic face lotion may not help reduce fine lines like my other face lotion and my pocketbook may not be as full as it used to be, but buying organic gives me peace of mind that I am doing what I can to limit the toxic intake to my babies. And that, my friends, is priceless.


  1. Haha! That is soooo funny!! This is THE same exact book I ended up buying too!! I just love it! I got one for my best friend too who lives a similar lifestyle. :) Jono and I try to only eat organic too and can become overwhelming when you realize all of the crazy toxic chemicals in everyday items.

    SO happy to hear about how you're doing!! :)

    PS...I really think organic food (including milk) tastes so much better!