Sunday, September 13, 2009

Everybody was kung-fu fighting

So, the girls have learned kung-fu...

Lordy, lordy. My little girls are active as jumping beans! In fact, sometimes I think there has to be more than two in there! Rarely does an hour go by without a little kick or roll. And I absolutely love each movement! Whether it is the little popcorn pops, the behind poking out of my side, the big kicks, the alien-like rolls or the little punches to my bladder - each one tells me that my girls are learning, growing and love to dance! They get that from both their mommy and their daddy.

On another note, the girls are getting really big - which translates to a big old belly on Jen. Before it gets grossly large, Damon and I decided to have some pictures taken together. I have included a few for you to enjoy. Enjoy!

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  1. Too beautiful. Thanks for sharing these pictures. I loved being pregnant. I'm very happy for you. xox